Deployment v66.0 07/02/2021

Digital Payroll:

Added more default codes to Start Form

The following Codes were added to the Account Codes Section of the Start Form in order to set them as defaults for that employees timecards:

  • Episode Code

  • Location Code

  • Company Code

  • Tax Credit Code


Fixed the Delete option for pending I-9s in the I-9s grid

I-9s can now be deleted from both the I-9s Grid and the Start work wizard page.


Made the 2020 W-4 form required for employees starting on a new project

Existing employees without an active 2020 W-4 form are now required to fill one when they start on a new project.


Added a project setting for Completion of Guarantee

The Completion of Guarantee feature for the Digital Time Card can now be disabled in Project Settings.


Deleted users have been removed from the Digital Start Work grid

Users who have been deleted or merged no longer appear in the DSW grid.


Updated the Advanced Grid Filters for Account Type and Currency in Cost Reports and Chart of Accounts

The Account Type and Currency filters for Chart of Accounts and Cost Reports were updated to a Multiselect filter that shows all possible options for these columns.


Changed the advanced Filter for the Cleared column in General Ledger

The Cleared column filter was updated to a Multiselect filter to simplify the filtering process.



Improved the Grab Clipboard tool’s performance

The grab clipboard tool’s speed has now been improved, specifically with many lines at the same time. 


UI and usability:

Updated the Advanced Grid Filter for ‘Cleared’ columns

The advanced filter for this column can now show all possible statuses in the General Ledger. 


Reduced the Vertical Spacing of Notes + Comments panels

As an ongoing effort to reduce vertical scrolling, we have moved the button to be on the same line as the text box in all Notes and Comments panels, and cleaned up the padding around the text box.


Reduced padding and resized UI within File Uploader panel


Hid subtitles from mobile fly-out panels

On mobile, the notes panels were showing subtitles which increased vertical space and weren’t that useful, so we hid the subtitles.


Swapped the default link color with hover link color.

The live URL colors were knocked back to be less bright, and will show brighter upon hover.


Show Links in Grid Action dropdowns as blue text

In our effort to follow web-conventions, any actions in grid drop-downs which are literally hyperlinks have been updated to look like a link (blue text, rather than black).


Updated UI for editable fields in Timecards 

It wasn’t obvious what fields were editable when filling out a timecard, so we’ve updated the UI to show a light box around each field, and to show a blue outline on hover.


Reduced Padding in Timecards

As an ongoing effort to reduce scrolling in the application, we reduced padding within panels in the Timecard forms page.


Updated Login Page to be inline with GSW styling & components

To create more consistency of UI within the application, we’ve updated the login, password reset, and session timeout panels to be styled more inline with the rest of the web application.