Deployment v64.0 05/21/2021

Digital Payroll:
Add ability to make file uploader required on custom start forms

We have added the ability to make the file uploader required on custom start forms. Currently this function only works on stand alone forms, but this functionality has been added to custom start forms.

Vacation Days no longer require in and out times

Vacation days on union timecards will now work the same way as non-union timecards. Vacation days will not require in and out times and the total hours will automatically populate 8 and the total dollar amount will be populated with the employee’s daily guarantee. Users can override the total hours and the total $ amount for the day. (Netflix Animation request)

The panels on the digital start form have been re organized

The panels have been slightly reordered so that all panels related to the rate are together. (Netflix Live Action request)

Employees who have pre-filled start forms can view their start forms before filling out personal info

Employees want to see their rate information as soon as they log in to approve their pre-filled DSW. They will now be able to view their start form before filling out personal information, but personal information is required before the startwork can be fully approved. (Netflix Live Action request)

Employees will only show on the start work grid if they have start work access permissions

This change removes employees who are not going to submit digital start work from the start work grid. (Left Right request)

3.75x column has been added to Timecards

We have added a 3.75x column to the grossing timecard to accommodate unions that require that multiplier.

Box rental and per diem can now be automatically added to timecards

We have added a project setting that allows box rental or per diem to be automatically added to digital timecards if the employee has an account and rate on file. The project setting will be defaulted to off, and can be turned on upon client request. (Kinetic and Netflix Live Action request)

State withholding forms and PDF’s have been updated.

Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky and Maine State withholding PDF’s and forms have been updated.

My Download’s Phase 2

To build on the feature that was released last week, we’ve added the ability to batch download the PDF’s of the following transactions:

Purchase Orders

PCard Envelopes


Petty Cash

Journal Entries

Bills Check Requests

Added report 'GL Bible - Basic Format with PO' (#704) to the web

This new report is now available to run in the web app.

Vendor review modal added when creating a Project Vendor from Company Vendor

Adding company vendors to a project will no longer cause errors if required info is missing from the company vendor. A new project vendor page will show in a pop up where the user can add any missing project vendor info before saving.

Check Number has been added to the info bar of Petty Cash transactions

If a petty cash transaction has been paid by check, we show the check number in the info bar.

Made enhancements to Purchase Order batch actions.

We’ve added a series of improvements to the Background Task Manager tool, which will significantly improve the performance and usability of batch actions on the Purchase Order grid. Batch actions will now seem faster, and much less prone to errors or confusion.

UI and usability:
Updated the header dropdown to be inline with button styles

Updated the UI color and format for Notifications in the topbar

Updated the look of the buttons and icons.

Reduced the padding on modals when viewing PDFs

Removed animations from panel accordions and grid tabs.

Show selected fields when tabbing

We added highlights to buttons, dropdowns and other input fields.

Added a username validation email to the Password Reset process

Now, when a user is trying to reset their password and they input an email address that is not in our system, they get an email telling them that. This is a safe and secure way to avoid the issue of users contacting support so much trying to figure out their username or thinking that the password reset process is broken.