Deployment v63.0 04/26/2021

New Features:
Approval Flow Steps grid:

Internal and External users now have the ability to get a full overview of how all of their Project’s Approval Flows are setup, who can approve what, and what next steps might be. This not only helps our internal support teams with visibility into what’s going on across the hundreds of projects they oversee, but also reduces confusion from our external users regarding what’s going on in their projects.

My Downloads grid & Batch Action Downloads:

Users now have the ability to batch download Timecard PDF’s and Start form packets. These downloads can be found on a new page called “My Downloads” which is where all Large downloads in the future can be found.

Digital Payroll:
Custom Form fields can be rearranged

When setting up a custom form, users can rearrange fields regardless of the number of fields.

Added 'Delete Batch' confirmation modal when deleting a batch

We have added a bit of safety when batches get deleted. Now, on the All Batches, Project Batches, and Internal Batches Pages whenever a batch gets deleted, a confirmation pop-up appears that ensures this action was done on purpose.

Added inputs for accrual values in 'Account Codes' section of Start Form

Added the ability to assign defaults to Vacation Accruals and Holiday Accruals right from the employees Start Form. The values populated into these fields populate into the corresponding fields in 'Positions & Rates > Details' section of core employee and in the employee positions grid in the web.

Added ability for $0 Day totals when 'Idle' is selected as day type

Users can now record hours logged for pension requirements, by submitting days with $0 when 'Idle' is selected as a day type within the Grossing-level timecard.

Canadian Payroll:
Added G/HST number to P&W and Payroll Detail reports

G/HST Number, located on the Employee information page, has been added to P&W and Payroll Detail reports.

Added project name to cheques and vouchers

Project name has been added to cheques and voucher PDF’s, for Canada projects.

Added Positive Pay file for JPM

Previously users did not have the ability to generate a Positive Pay file when creating a Bill Payment. Now, the file is created when the user sets up a Bank Account for JPM.

Created edit rules for cleared transactions

Previously there were no edit rules for transactions marked as cleared. We have now defined the correct rules to avoid data integrity issues.

Added a validation to Manage Codes so users can't have two codes required

Added a validation error that will prevent users from enabling two codes as required for budgeting on the Manage Codes page.

Added a Distribution Change option on all transaction grids

Previously, users could only click on “Add DC” from the General Ledger, now users can see: “Add DC” in other grids (ex: Bills).

Added Distribution Change report for Paramount

Added a new distribution change report that was requested by Paramount which shows any transaction changes. It shows the original details (Was), followed by the changes made (Is).

PO PDF now includes full project name

We have adjusted the font size in the PO PDF to be smaller and allow more characters so a full project name can be shown.

Optimized transaction submission

All Transactions and their submission have been optimized and improved. Submitting a PO, Check, Bill, etc. are now quicker.

Set a load limit of lines for transactions and Purchase Orders grids

In order to prevent users from being frustrated with being unable to load 100+ lines into grids when creating transactions or Purchase Orders, we have set a load limit of 70 lines. When a grid reaches the 70 line limit, it triggers an alert to inform the user that the limit has been exceeded.

UI and usability:
Increased size of project drop-down menu

To increase the number of visible projects in the drop-down, we have doubled the height of the drop-down list.

Added a better visual indicator to all grids whenever a filter is active

Based on user feedback, it was hard to see which filters were active in a grid, so we added a blue border to make it more visible.

Other changes:
Reworked Eco Tracker calculations to incorporate all new forms and correct page counts

The Eco Tracker has been updated to now reflect all of the new features and enhancements we’ve made in the past years. The totals in the eco tracker for each project will now more accurately depict the environmental impact being a GreenSlate project has. Everything from Bills, to Distribution Changes, Start Forms and Purchase Orders are now counted towards the Eco Tracker.