Deployment v62.0 03/31/2021

New Features:


Netflix Vendor API

We added new API endpoints to allow Netflix (and any other future partner) access to vendor information. This will allow Netflix to easily audit vendor information across all of their projects.  


Conditional Approval Flow Steps for Divisions added

To allow for extra flexibility when defining Approval Flows for a project, Approval Flow steps can now be defined as required only if the user specified is part of a specific set of Divisions. This step will be considered skippable in all cases where this condition is not met.


Digital Payroll:

Display account codes during the hours approval flow in earnings 

Account Codes were previously only shown during timecard ‘Grossing’ steps, however clients had requested that they be visible during ‘Hours’ steps as well.


Added 'Settings' section to Project Start Work page
This panel contains our new 'Direct Deposit' and 'Digital Tax Documents' tiles, which link to sections where users can modify their settings for these features.



Payroll fees and taxes broken out on payroll invoice
Payroll Fees and Payroll Taxes are now broken out into two different fields in Payroll Invoices, with two different totals. This makes it easier for users to track from where each sum in a section is being pulled.



Added ability to delete Hire/Term row in ‘Project Employee Profile’

Rows within the ‘Hire/Termination’ area of the Employee Profile in core can now be deleted as well as edited.

Column added to indicate hours populated from Batch Create

Timecards created via the 'Batch Create' page didn’t display hours in the ‘Hours’ or 'Grossing' columns because no hours had actually been submitted / grossed. We’ve added a column to reflect any hours populated via actions on the ‘Batch Create’ page, which was added as part of our Internal Timecards enhancements.

Link to ‘Payroll History’ added to ‘Employee Positions’ grid

Based on a request from Netflix, we’ve added a button that brings the user directly to the selected employee’s ‘Payroll History’ page from the ‘Employee Positions’ page.

Project Setting added to display times in 24-hour format on Timecards
It's preferable for specific clients to display times in the 24-hour format after being entered, so this enhancement adds a project setting to display all times in 24-hour format, regardless of how they were entered.

Ability to copy permissions from an existing role added
Creating new roles has been made easier by allowing for the copying of other roles’ permissions. Most roles largely are the same as others, with some minor changes, so this saves the support team time when creating new roles.


Added ability to enter grossing values when 'Holiday Paid' day type is selected
When 'Holiday Paid' is selected as a day type, values can now be entered in the 1x-6x columns of the 'Grossing' panel on Grossing level timecards.


Employee First Name and Last Name added to 1099 checks

Added "for Service Of [Employee First Name] [Employee Last Name]" on Check copies for 1099 employees. This eliminates the need to manually add this information.



New Purchase Order report added for Kinetic

A new Purchase Order report that shows all Purchase Orders created as of the date requested in summary form by number has been added as requested by Kinetic.


Accounting features:

All codes shown on the Purchase Order PDF

This change allows any codes enabled in a project to show on Purchase Order PDFs.


Added “Grab Clipboard” 

This feature is part of the GSA migration, it allows users to copy rows of information from an Excel template to an Accounting transaction form.


Grid totals added to the General Ledger and Transaction grids

The ‘General Ledger’ and all Transaction grids display totals. This reduces the amount of reports that need to be run by accountants.  A checkbox has been added to these grids to toggle this functionality on/off.


Amazon Flat File improvements added
The General Ledger Flat File has had several additional fields added based on a request from Amazon.



Added ability for client to update employee name/email address if invite has not been accepted

If a user has not yet accepted their invite, a user with invite access can now modify any info on the ‘Invite User’ page. If the user’s email address is modified, a new invite is sent an email.  


Safeguard when adding roles as approvers in approval flow steps. 

We now make sure that whenever a role is added to an approval flow step with ‘Approver’ capabilities, the role actually has the proper access to that entity. For example, employees can’t be added as approvers of other employees’ timecards unless they have ‘approver’ capabilities assigned.


GreenSlate address update on Earnings Statements

The Delhi address now shows on earnings statements instead of our NYC address.

Background Task Manager stays expanded When Task Fails

The background task manager now stays open when a task fails in order to better indicate that action is required and what to do about it. 

Updated ADP Quarterly file - One EOR, Multiple Projects

Previously, 1099 forms were issued for each position worked if an employee was paid with multiple positions under one EOR.  We’ve updated the logic to send this information to ADP under just one position per employee.


Variable Alert Project now sends emails when deadline approaches

The Labor Relations team will now receive an email when variable dates are close to expiration.


UI and usability:

User Interface update for Top Bar items

The ‘Create’ button is now much more discoverable for the end user and has been brought in line with our button conventions.



Date Range on DTC | Project Batches | POs

To improve the system’s performance and users’ efficiency when working with long running projects, we are incorporating a ‘Date Range’ filter into the ‘Digital Timecards’, ‘Project Batches’, and ‘Purchase Orders’ pages. This enables users to select if they want to see all items, just items from the previous 6 months, or the previous 12 months.