Deployment v61.0 03/02/2021

New Features:
Distribution Changes 2.0
We’ve added functionality to the Distribution Change feature which allows for multiple lines from an original transaction to be added to a new Distribution Change.
Internal Timecard Enhancements
We’ve added enhancements to Internal Timecards (formerly Paymaster Timecards) to allow Paymasters to benefit from the speed and usability of our modern pages. We’ve added ‘Batch Create’ functionality which greatly reduces clicks & time spent setting up multiple timecards. The addition of our SPA grids to the ‘Clone’ functionality (currently exists in core) adds filtering for position / department / union - the main groupings that are used for cloning.
Digital Payroll:
Non-standard multipliers allowed in ‘Grossing’ grid
We’ve added a new property to Digital Timecards that allows for non-standard rates (i.e. 1.67x for Teamsters 399) to be populated. When these values are used, a Flat Pay item is now created and mapped to the Core timesheet.

Updates added for California & Georgia State W-4s
Fields were added to record values for the California and Georgia state W-4s, including additional withholding amounts and an option to declare exemption for California state withholding.


Link added to DSW alert
Users with incomplete Digital Start Work can now click on the ‘You have incomplete Start Work’ alert and be sent to their ‘Personal Info’ or ‘Digital Start Work’ page, depending on what the user has already completed.


Timecard Number added to Timecard header
A timecard’s number has been visible on list pages, but not on our timecard itself. We’ve now changed this to provide a reference to the timecard number within the actual timecard.


Refined Coogan Direct Deposit Rules
For Coogan accounts, which are used for minors working on film sets, we’ve added rules to ensure bank accounts set up in our system meet legal requirements.

HTG Lunch and Dinner Meal Penalties added
We’ve been able to populate dollar amounts for meal penalties, but we hadn’t been able to pull in the actual meal penalty amounts themselves. After researching what HTG can pull, we’re now able to pull the actual meal penalty amounts.


Night Premiums moved
Based on a Netflix request, Night Premiums have been moved from ‘Other Earnings’ to the ‘Grossing’ section in Digital Timecards.


Emergency Contact field added to Workday API
Also based on a Netflix request, we now include emergency contact information in our Workday API information.


Canadian Payroll:
Weekly Pay distributed across the 14 days instead of for each of 7 days
We’ve changed the logic that dictated how pay is distributed on biweekly timecards. Weekly Pay is now distributed across the entirety of the two weeks, instead of to each week separately.


Cap type added: All employees by Project
A new Cap Type has been added to manage fringes on accumulated earnings and vacation called "Project". The existing Cap Type named "Project" has been renamed to "Project Employee".


Payroll Report Updated
A new option was added to Payroll Reports that allows users to run a report using only unique rows. This excludes Currency, Check Number, Approval Date, Check Date, Week Ending Date, Hours Worked, Days Worked, Gross, Taxable Gross, Pensionable Gross, Work City, Batch ID, Pay Run ID, Invoice ID, Line Id, Employee ID, and Timesheet ID.


Ability to add new Production Companies outside of Production added
A new checkbox was added below the ‘Production Company’ option in the project creation page that lets you quickly create a dummy production company when setting up sandbox projects or in a test environment.


Enhanced role specification added for divisions
Users with access to editing user’s roles can now directly add a user’s role to a root division or give them admin access from the same screen.


Login page updates
Some updates were made to the login page, so the app's web-based accounting functionality is made primary.


Notifications query optimization
The query that populates the drop-down list of notifications has been optimized for speed and memory use.

Internal Batches query optimization
Internal Batches were making database calls on a calculated property, which resulted in excessive database use. This query has been refined to reduce CPU usage and provide a faster experience for our users.


Highlights from recent Patches:
1099 Transactions Edit List Enhancement
We’ve added a Cross Project version for the 1099 Transactions Edit List that displays all accounts in GSW & GSA. Previously, we only had this report for single projects.

Added Description to Codes in Accounting Reports
Previously, we’ve only shown codes for Location, Episode, Free (1,2,3), Company, Sets. Now we show the entire code descriptions.


Added Tax ID field to Bank Account page
The ACH file requires the Tax ID information from the company emitting the payment, which has been added.


GSA - Added ‘Use Mapped COA’ option to New York Tax Credit Report
Users now have the ability to map a Chart of Accounts to another Chart of Accounts. We added this option to the New York state report as well. The report can now be generated with the mapped account, rather than the project.


GSW - Added 'Show Zero Amounts' filter in Trial Balance Reports
Many projects in post-production do not have activity in their asset accounts. This can lead to studios/financiers thinking there is something missing from the report. We now provide the ability to show zeros in place of blank spaces to avoid this.


‘Tax Credit Summary’ linked amounts added
Amounts inside ‘Tax Credit Summary’ are now hyperlinks to a filtered modal, allowing users to easily see transaction details.


Created new flag in ‘Timesheet Items’
We added a new flag to allow for timesheet items and fringes to be excluded for the Tax Agency report.


Added radio buttons to map to correct COA in several reports
Radio buttons have been added to certain Accounting Reports to allow for mapping to the correct Chart of Accounts. The following reports in GSW now have this functionality:
  • GL Bible (47) 
  • GL Bible with PO's (408) 
  • Cost Report rounded decimals  (614) 
  • Cost Report with Details (629)
  • Trial Balance COA (651)
  • Detail Trial Balance COA (653)
  • PO Report (639)


‘Rerun Report’ shortcut added
We’ve created a faster way for users to access any frequently run reports. We’ve had a 'Favorite' function for the grid, and now we’ve taken a step further and added a URL shortcut when users click on a report name, so the page is loaded with the report type that’s needed.