Deployment v60.0 02/09/2021

Digital Payroll:
Week ending date has been added to our pay stub email
Whenever a pay stub is available, GSW sends out an automated email to employees to view them. We now include the week-ending date as part of the message. If there are multiple payments, it will list all the applicable week-ending dates.

'Hours Submitted' column on 'Timecards' page now updates during grossing
We’ve changed the behavior of the 'Hours Submitted' column on 'Timecards' page to update whenever the digital timecard is saved, regardless of which approval flow it's in (Hours or Grossing).


Request to fill state withholding for permanent address
When a timecard is created, we now check if the user has a state withholding document on the system for their permanent address, in addition to the work location.
‘Abbreviated State Name’ option added to Custom Forms
In order to allow for the entry of state names into small PDF fields when populating the addresses of employees, we’ve added a new option for an abbreviated state name employee called 'Employee Address State Abbv.'.


Column added to ‘Timecards’ and ‘Employees’ pages to indicate if they were created via API
To accurately report metrics, we need a way to tell paper employees apart from employees created via API. And the same thing for timecards.


‘1x’ column is now unlocked when used on Idle Days on Timecards
We no longer prevent the '1x' column from being edited when an Idle day is populated on a digital timecard. Several scenarios exist where this new behavior is needed.


Canadian Payroll:
Added the project name under Report File Name when generating Payroll Reports
We now add the project name in Payroll Reports under ‘Report File Name’ so users don't need to view the report first to get the project name before saving it.

Added warning message when the user unchecked the Union box under the Department Page
We’ve added a warning message to prevent the user from accidentally uncheck the Union checkbox under the ‘Department Page’.


Tgross added to the end of the P&W Output Report
Timecard grossing information has been added at the end of the P&W Output Report.


Changes to the Payroll Report
We now have the option to add Email, Net Pay and WC Codes to the Payroll report. Work location information has been updated to retrieve data from timesheet work location instead of the timesheet items work location.


EOR Dropdown Enhancements
The Employer of Record dropdown has been enhanced for speed, and employee dropdown has been ordered alphabetically.


Contact name on 1099s
A contact name has been added to check copies for 1099 employees, which replaces the current ‘f/s/o’ line and pulls directly from the ‘Contact Name’ field in ‘Basic Information’.
Accounting features:
Added the ability to delete a Prepaid Card Business
Since the release of PEX integrations, we’ve set up PEX businesses and turned on the API import, but never had the ability to turn off the API import. We are now able to turn the import off by going into the individual ‘Edit Prepaid Card Business’ page and checking the ‘Disable API imports’ box. It will halt future imports but will retain any previous imported data.

Cost Report - Disabled Code dropdowns during edit-mode to reduce errors
We’ve previously allowed users to change codes (LOC, EPI, COMP) during ‘Edit’ mode, which was affecting budget amounts and causing them to be represented incorrectly. To prevent this from happening, we now disable the dropdowns during edit-mode.


Voiding a Bill with an associated Check now voids the check as well
With this change, if the user voids a bill, the associated check is now also voided. A modal is presented to the user, indicating that there is an associated transaction that pays for the bill. If the user confirms the void, the check is also voided (if not soft, or hard cleared).



COA - Currency is now only required when creating BA and CK accounts
We now only require a currency type to be entered when using BA and CK accounts. All other account types will default to “All” currencies.



Updated grid arrangement when editing tax credits
We’ve adjusted the appearance of the ‘Tax Credit’ column to be more centered to place it in a more discoverable and easily accessible place.


Allow external users to create divisions
External users that previously were able to view and manage divisions will now be able to create new divisions as well. All users with the ‘Division Manager’ role now have access to the ‘Create’ button on the divisions page, so support will no longer be tasked with being the sole creator of divisions.



Removed treasury as Recipients on Funds Received System Generated Emails
Removed Treasury as recipient from emails auto generated when batch gets released.


CA Sick leave calculation moved to Production Company
California sick leave calculation has been moved to be recorded with the Production Company from the Employer or Record.


Background Task Manager: Close Period
As part of the continuous initiative to enable more features with the Background Task Manager, we’ve included it on the ‘Close Period’ page, allowing the user to perform actions in the form and be redirected to the grid and continue working while their action is processed in the background without the need to wait for it to finish.


Background Task Manager: Now available for use with Pages Loaded in Modals
Previously, use of the Background Task Manager was limited to actions done within a form page. Through refactoring in this release, the Background Task Manager can now be used for actions performed from on a modal page, such as the ones used when capturing a user signature for preview modals in DSW.
Grid Actions (Same Tab)
Opening an item in a separate tab is slower than opening in the current one, because the entire application needs to load from scratch in the new tab. To mitigate this, we ‘ve added a new ‘Action’ option that enables grid items to open it in the same tab while preserving the option to open it a new tab, offering both options to the users.


From Patches:
Multi select EOR on WC Audit Report
We’ve added the ability to multi-select Employers of Record for the Workers Compensation audit Report.
Kinetic Report - Additional companies added
At their request, two additional companies were added to the Kinetic report.
Bill Payments - Show entire Pay Name in the Add Bills pop up module
We now show the entire Pay Name in the ‘Add Bills’ modal in Bill Payments. This reduces confusion around crew members who have the same last name, so it was a bit confusing when submitting bills for payment.