Deployment v59.0 01/05/2021

New Features:
ACH Payment Files for CNB
A new feature has been created to allow the generating ACH files automatically for City National Bank. Users can now generate ACH payments directly from the ‘Bill Payments’ page.


Approval Flows Confirmations for Kinetic

A request from Kinetic studios led us to create the ability to add custom confirmation messages that must be confirmed in order to submit an entity, on any step of an approval flow. These messages will be available for use with Timecards, and available for most other features in our system.

CRA Files Generation
A new feature has been created to generate all end-of-year tax files in compliance with requirements from the Canada Revenue Agency.
Emails Settings
Based off a request from Netflix, we’ve completed a more detailed and complete way of managing email notifications within the application. Email settings can now be managed on a project-by-project basis, as well as being able to create a global standard for email settings.

PO PDF Redesign

We’ve completed a total redesign of the Purchase Order PDF. Layout changes and visual cleanup have been completed, new fields for rental/service start and end dates have been added, as well as codes. Improved logic for page breaks has been implemented, resulting in more information fitting onto the page than before.


Digital Payroll:
Created New Line for Employee Hire Date
A new hire date will now automatically be added in the ‘Employee Employment History’ section of the core employee page after payment has been received for a terminated employee.


We now require $ amount in in '$ Day Total' column if 'Worked' checkbox is selected on Grossing-level timecards
To avoid confusion during the batching process, we now ensure that dollar totals are entered on worked days.


A 'Today' option has been added to 'Date' filters
We can now select ‘Today’ in date filters across the system, allowing grids to be filtered for the current date.



Custom email was added to 'Invite User' page

Custom email messages can now be entered when a Digital Start Work employee is invited to the system. This fulfills a long-standing request from our clients to be able to send messages regarding rates & schedules to employees when they are invited.

Updated Accounting Reports name + logic
New file name and auto-fill logic has been added to the ‘Accounting Reports’ page when running a new report.



Accounting features:
Added ability to "Link PO"
After a request from Paramount, we now allow accountants to click on: “Link PO” under actions, in the detail lines in a form. If linked, the PO line balance is drawn down.


PEX API import Change
We now include the transaction date as part of the description when importing.


Added an option to delete Prepaid Card Businesses

We’ve added the ability to delete a prepaid card business from the ‘Create Prepaid Card Business’ grid. When a business is deleted, it will delete prepaid cards, associated CP accounts, but not vendors. If a business is set up again for the same projects, the cards that are imported should re-associate with their previously used vendors.

Disabled Bill Payment Ready to Print emails for ACH/Manual/Wire
Previously, we’d send an email after an ACH/Manual/Wire Bill Payment was generated to print a PDF; however, this is only needed for Auto Checks. The email notification has now been corrected and only triggers from Auto Checks.
All accounts now show their currency + validation
We used to filter out accounts based on the currency chosen in the summary panel. This caused some confusion to users since they couldn’t find certain accounts. We now show all the accounts and show a validation message if the selected currencies don’t match.


Disabled the ability to edit transactions in grids before transaction is fully approved
We no longer allow the bulk editing of transactions that have a ‘Draft’ status. Only transactions that are fully approved can be bulk edited.




Created New Tax Credit Summaries Grid
To provide easier access to our features, we have created a new grid to track the Tax Credit incentives on the current project. The grid can be found under ‘Budget Tracking’ in the left navigation.




New Hangfire job was created to auto generate incentives for existing tax credits
This new task runs once a day at 5AM UTC, loops over all projects and generates incentives for any tax credits that do not have incentives, removing the need for manual incentive generation.


Added check between GSA and GSW to avoid duplicating Vendor Codes between GSA and GSW
GSA and GSW now both check with each other before generating the next vendor code in sequence, to ensure that the creation of duplicate vendor codes does not occur.


Added Closed Date column to Purchase Order form
We now show the ‘Closed Date’ column in the PO form, in addition to the PO grid.


Reorganized Purchase Order columns
Purchase Orders have been streamlined to match our column order convention.


Deleted Vendor Rules
Deleted vendors were showing in the Project and Company grids, this was fixed, and a few other enhancements rules were applied when deleting vendors.


We now prevent sending of $0.00 ACH Files to CNB
We no longer transmit $0.00 ACH files to our bank, CNB.


GreenSlate NYC Address was updated in all system emails
The GreenSlate NYC Address has been updated to the Delhi Address in all system emails.

UI and usability:
Moved the Division section in the left nav
The ‘Divisions’ page has been moved to the ‘Project’ section of the left navigation menu for easier accessibility.


Digital Start Work and Digital Timecards now work with the Background Task Manager. This means that when a timecard or DSW is saved, users can use the application while the documents are processed without needing to wait. As with other features that use the BTM, if the action fails for some reason, the user will be notified and will have the option to open the failed form to correct any error and try again.


From Patches:
Added a Status column to Purchase Orders
A column has been added that reflects the status of each PO detail line, with the following statuses available: ‘Open’, ‘Closed’, ‘Partial’, and ‘Uncommitted’. This column is located before the Over/Under column.


Updated Accounting Import to support full character length for location/episode codes
Clients have been able to create location/episode codes that are up to 9 characters in length, but we’ve previously allowed only up to 4 characters to be entered on the Accounting Import in core. The Accounting Import has been updated to allow paymasters the ability to enter the full set of characters.


Added tracking for Maryland Sick Leave data
We’ve updated the way in which Maryland sick leave data is tracked.


Added Canadian Company to Auto-Generated Management Reports
Now that the Canadian reports are ready, we’ve added a Hangfire task that adds any relevant Canadian companies to the list of companies we generate automatically in the Management Reports.


Show "Reissue" action in Purchase Orders form
We now provide the ability to reissue a line with a pending balance. A new line is created with an open status, and the remaining balance.