Deployment v58.0 12/08/2020



Migrate key ADP Queries to Dapper
The ADP Quarterly Report queries were refactored to avoid an intermediate step of language translation, which caused performance issues because of the complexity of these reports. By using SQL directly the time it takes to generate the report is significantly less, now taking in average less than 2 minutes.
New Features:


Accumulators 2.0
We’ve changed the way SUI, FUTA and SS accumulators are calculated to make them more in line with our company’s internal requirements. This change was requested by Operations to be completed before the end of the year.


Positions by Contract
This is a new feature to add more flexibility in the handling of the Contracts to our HTG system.
The main function of this feature is to allow for the adding of Departments/Positions (Using an Add Form) and delete them for the contract.


Positive Pay
We now allow accountants to enable ‘Positive Pay’ for use with City National Bank in the ‘Bank Accounts’ page. When creating Bill Payments, the files will be generated and sent automatically to CNB.

State Withholding PDFs
New state withholding PDFs have been added to the system for the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Mississippi. This accommodates state-specific withholding for these states.
Digital Payroll:
Add manual override to 'Payment Settings' page
We’ve added a manual entry option to 'Payment Settings' to accommodate enrolling in Direct Deposit using banks not listed with Plaid. This has been requested by ATTN and Left/Right and will be beneficial for all clients.


Refine rounding in Timecard 'Total Hours' column
We now round values in the 'Total Hours' to the nearest tenth, matching what we do in the 'Totals section'. This also affects the totals at the bottom of the grids.



Canada - Personal Info page changes
We are modifying the ‘Personal Info’ page to be more Canada-friendly. When viewed by users in Canadian projects the page has updated wording and hides US-specific sections such as ‘Citizenship’ and ‘Demographics’.
Canada - Change My Profile page (Paper)
We are now hiding these features in the left nav for Canadian Employees when set-up via paper, since these features are not used:
1. Payroll History
2. Personal Info
3. My Tax Documents
4. My Trainings


Limit WC options on Timesheet:
If an employee in the system has more than one position set up on a project, the ‘Workers comp’ dropdown is now limited to only the codes available for the employee’s position, adding clarity to what is available for use.
When 'Is overtime exempt' checkbox is selected, default to weekly rate
After a request from Kinetic, we now default an employee’s rate to ‘Weekly’ when ‘Is Overtime Exempt’ is selected, as this is the most common exempt rate type.



Create a Canadian version of the Pay Stub email for Canadian projects
Currently the 'EmailTemplate.PaymentNotification' email includes language to promote users to opt-in to paperless Tax Docs. Tax docs are currently not available for Canadian projects and can be confusing for Canadian employees.
Until we are ready to roll out Canadian Tax Docs, we will use a second email template that has modified language for Canadian payroll.
Add 'Hire Date' to 'Invite' page and pre-populate it on the I-9
We’ve added a 'Digital Start Work Employee Information' panel to the 'Invite User' page, which appears when 'Digital Start Work Employee' role is selected. This new panel contains an input that collects the invited employee’s Hire Date, which is used to populate the I-9 form.

Extend 'Training must be completed every' dropdown to 730 days
Clients needed this drop-down to be extended in order to accommodate expiration dates 2 years from assignment date. Needed specifically for California Sexual Harassment Prevention training re-assignment.



I-9 should not become read only if setting is not enabled on first step of approval flow
We’ve made a change to the way approval flows work for the I-9, making it so that it uses the same settings as the rest of our approval flows.


Remove the requirement to have payroll enabled in order to invite users
We now allow projects that aren’t using payroll to have users invited.


Pending Start Form not opening up to approve after W-4 is submitted
We now automatically show all required DSW forms to the employee that are available for review. We previously only showed those that had not been filled out.


Add Timesheet Item "CANCL" to calculation variable "regearn"
The total amount for the timesheet item ‘CANCL’ is now included in the ‘Regearn’ calculation variable. This was done so that this timesheet item will be included when calculating union vacation and holiday accrual amounts.


Payroll Report - Allow admins to run the report without dates
In response to an internal request, the ‘Payroll Report’ can now be run without specifying dates by users with the appropriate permission.


1099 - ADP Quarterly File edit
Extra rules have been added to ensure that 1099 information is sent to EOR's for whom it is required. Extra logic was added to correctly handle the required changes in our system.
Accounting features:
Transactions- When a PO is attached with a code (ex. LOC) auto populate the code in the top drop-down
In order to reduce manual data entry when adding 2 or more PO’s, we now automatically populate the codes from the first PO on to the next.



Accounting Reports: In codes filters, show the Code + Description, instead of only code.
The code filters for ‘Episode’, ‘Location’, ‘Set’, and three ‘Free Codes’ now include the codes’ descriptions in all drop-down & multi-select inputs within Accounting features.

Manage Codes - Run Script when Project is set up in GSW
The ‘Manage Codes’ page now loads codes automatically.
Add ‘Has CP Account’ column to Vendors page, then create a CGV for 'CP Accounts'
A column has been added to the ‘Vendors’ grid to show if a vendor is using Prepaid Cards, as well as a Custom Grid View which groups these vendors together.

Manage Codes - Add Tax Credit Codes
By default, we now enable System Tax Credit Codes, which loads tax credit codes into the ‘Manage Codes’ page. This was done as part of the GSA migration.


UI and usability:
Trainings Visual Enhancements
Several small visual enhancements have been made to Trainings pages to enhance their visual quality & value.



From Patches:
Kinetic - Rename report
The current “Kinetic report” was renamed to “Kinetic – Payroll Report WE YYYY-MM-DD”

NY Sick leave
The ability to track New York Sick Pay time was added to the system. We added the ability to track occurred, used and balance hours for per pay period, and added this data to the Check PDF.