Deployment v57.0 11/17/2020

BTM Transaction Forms
The form actions of the accounting transactions (Bills, Journal Entries, Invoices, etc.) have been added to the Background Task Manager, meaning that when you Submit, Reject, Save, Approve or perform any other action on any of these forms you don’t need to wait for the process to finish and you can continue using the application while the action is completed on the background.


The status of the background task is shown on the BTM control at the top of the page.



DSW Optimization
Continuing with the optimization from the last release, the Digital Start Work wizard logic is refactored to reduce the number of DB queries performed, which reduced the total load time in up to 80%.


GL Date Range
A new filter has been added to the top right of every grid in the web app to reduce the amount of data the system has to process, reducing the grid load time in up to 25%.
The filter will automatically be set to the last 6 months by default. The DDL will include 2 other options: 12 Months, and All Time.

New Features:
Accounting 1099 Print
The first phase of the ‘1099 Print’ page has been completed. This page provides internal GreenSlate users with an easier way to view tax reports at the end of the year. 1099 information is now displayed on a single page, which allows users to keep track of work completed in an optimized way.


BPM Audit Files
New report has been created to be included in the weekly transfer to BPM (they already receive ACA files as part of a regular, weekly Hangfire task) called ACA Audit Detail File.


Copy Project Data
The ability to copy data from one project to another has been added. Users can now select exactly which data to copy (e.g. HTG, union setup, approval flows, employees, etc.). This will be a huge internal efficiency gain for app support, onboarding, and operations.


State Filter added to User Filter (Micro-feature)
Features using the User Filter (Trainings, Custom Forms) can now filter users by their state of residence. This is based on the address they provide in ‘Personal Info’ and was initially requested by Left / Right to aid in selecting users for trainings based on their state of residence.



Digital Payroll:
For projects that are running bi-weekly payroll, employees will now be notified based on the project’s payroll frequency.


A ‘Client Approve’ action was added to the ‘Internal Batches’ page, matching functionality with what’s present in our core system.


Client rejection messages that were previously only visible to Paymasters have been added to the batch log, making them visible to all Batches users.



A ‘Division’ column to ‘Create Batch’ screen to indicate the division to which each timecard belongs. Requested by Younger S7.



A ‘Cancel’ action was added to the ‘Internal Batches’ page, allowing users to cancel the sending of a batch to Vertex.


A ‘Mark As Printed’ action was added to the ‘Internal Batches’ page, allowing users to mark all checks in a batch as ‘Printed.


Timesheet items with no units are now defaulted to ‘Flat’.


State tax withholding information is now copied from project to project when timecards are split, to ensure that the new timecard created is not without withholding information.

Payroll Report - Filter by Union
A new filter was added to the Payroll Report, called “Union”. This will be an internal filter only.


Employee Payroll History - Ordering added
On the Employee Payroll History page, ordering by Week ending date has been added. Now it will order by Pay Date, and then Week Ending Date.


Fringe Setup Page - Item Renaming
Fringes and deductions page items have been renamed and now follow the following structure:


Fringe Type -> "Access Report Fringe Type"
Fringe Type Combined -> "Access Report Fringe Type Combined"


These changes have been made in order to avoid confusion.


Users and roles:
The ‘Checks.Access’ has been renamed ‘PrintableChecks.Access’ for clarity purposes.


Invites to our system now expire after 24 hours. To ensure new users can still log in, we now automatically resend emails to first-time users whose login credentials have expired.


Accounting features:
The ability to view check copies has been added to all transaction grids and the ‘General Ledger’ page. Previously, Check Copies could only be viewed from the ‘Bill Payments’ grid.

Instead of "Date + Check number", we now use the Invoice number shown on the Post Payroll screen. Additionally, a new action has been added to posted PR transactions via Post Payroll, called "Open Batch". It should open the ‘Original Batch’ in a new window.


An ‘AR History’ action has been added to the ‘Customers’ and ‘AR Transaction’ pages.
When selected, the GL shows in a modal filtered for the selected row's customer.

We now use the Effective Date selected on the ‘Purchase Order’ in the ‘Commit PO’ pop up in the PO form and grid.



Vendor drop down lists now use the following format: "Payee Name - Vendor Code".



Timecards associated with specific transactions can now be opened from the ‘PR Transactions’ grid.


Check/Voucher Amounts have been added to the ‘Printable Checks’ grid.
UI and usability:
The ‘Switch Projects’ prompt has been removed when links are opened for emailed approval flow notifications, emailed timecard reminders, and when following links in the in-app header notifications, and only shows when selecting an item that exists in another project.


Other changes:
To fulfill a request made by Castifi, we’ve created the ‘My API Log’ page, which shows a log of each API request created.


Alerts can now be dynamically added to the tops of panels in our system.

App store links have been removed from our system emails, and a small update has been made to the footer of all system emails.



From Patches:
'Cleared Date' information has been added to the info bar that displays when checks are viewed.
A day type was added to allow Non-Union COVID day types to use flat amounts.
An additional week-ending date has been made available for timecards, allowing users to make timecards up to 5 weeks in advance.
A new check type called ‘CK12 ’was added for clients who prefer to not display the location code / description on their checks.