Deployment v56.0 10/27/2020

New Features:
External Payroll Report
The existing ‘Payroll Detail’ report was renamed ‘Payroll Report’, and will now be exposed to clients that have been requesting this functionality. Report filters on this page are limited by permissions for external clients, but internal functionality will remain the same.


Health Checks
We’ve created a COVID-19 specific survey that can be assigned and sent to employees inside a project, once daily. The system records employees’ answers on a list page, and indicates which employees are at risk for COVID-19 infection or transmission.



Tax Withholdings
A new page was created to track W-4 and State Withholding information for users, based on a request from Netflix.

Canadian Payroll:
Canadian Provinces in Statutory Deductions
Canadian Provinces have been added to the ‘Statutory Deductions’ dropdown inside the ‘Manage Employees’ tab, allowing for statutory deductions to be used as province-specific for Canadian productions.
Users and roles:
Import Storage Expanded
Users who can submit Purchase Orders and Bill/PC transactions now have access to ‘Import Storage’, which allows them to upload info that can be used as Transaction and PO details.
Accounting features:
Posting a batch with a negative balance
Batches posted with a negative amount using ‘Post Payroll’ now create a Bill with a negative amount.


New ‘Associated Transactions’ action added to ‘General Ledger’ page
A new action titled ‘Associated Transactions’ was added that shows the ‘General Ledger’ page, which filters for all transactions associated with the selected row. This action opens the associated transactions in a modal.


Dashboard tiles added for Accounting Features
Dashboard tiles have been added for the following features: Bills, Bill Payments, General Ledger, Chart of Accounts, Cost Reporting, Bank Recs, and Petty Cash



Add Vendor Code/Customer Code to PO/Transaction DDs
‘Vendor’ and ‘Customer’ drop-downs now filter by Vendor/Customer and Vendor/Customer code.


Allow users to edit the budget before it is locked
An ‘Edit Budget’ button has been added to the ‘Cost Report’ page, which makes the ‘Budget’ column editable before the budget is locked.



Check Runs / Bill Payments - Refined character limit requirements on Editable Grid
The ‘Check No.’ fields in the Editable Grid have been given the same requirements as the ‘Starting Check #’ field, which is limited to a maximum of 12 characters and limited to the set range within ‘Bank Accounts’.

Vendor name is now a hyperlink
The vendor name within the ‘Summary’ panels of all transaction pages now directs to the pertinent vendor form in a new tab.

Mark as Completed
A ‘Mark as Completed’ action was added to the grid within the ‘Manage Trainings’ page, which provides an override for Trainings administrators to mark a user’s training complete. This provides functionality requested by Safe Sets, one of our first clients to use the Trainings feature.


Unlock Action
Support can now view which users are locked, and are able to unlock users when necessary via a new ‘Unlock’ action.



COVID-19 Pay Items
To ensure they work optimally, specifications have been added for COVID-19 related pay items.
UI and usability:
Improve tabbing within grids
There are now two modes available while tabbing: navigating and editing. When navigating, users can move between cells with ‘Tab’ key or arrow keys. While editing, users can move within the field using arrow keys, apply changes, and move to the next cell via the ‘Tab’ key.



Streamline UI and behavior of ‘Notes’ and ‘Attachments’ panels:
We’ve streamlined the way that notes and attachments behave on all pages. If the page is read-only, users now add notes or files, and are not able to delete. If the page is editable, then notes and files can be deleted as normal.


Automatically Save Files
Files now save automatically when attached on a page using the file uploader, rather than waiting until the page is submitted to save the attached file. This allows files to be attached to fully approved forms across our entire system.


Remove US specific telephone number masking
Users will now be able to enter international phone numbers without being hindered by restrictions for US phone numbers.
Background Task Manager
When an action is performed on a form page, such as ‘Submit’, ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’, a part of the process takes place in the server. Since there is no need for the user to wait until this process finishes, we now redirect users to the grid and return control to them. This allows users to perform other actions while the previous action is processed in the background, significantly improving user experience.


The statuses of those background tasks are displayed in a new control in the header of the page



If for some reason the background task fails, the user has the possibility to click on it from the list in the header, and open up the form to see what was the problem, make the necessary corrections, and try again.


For this release, we are enabling the Background Task Manager for the form actions of Purchase Orders, reducing the time it takes for the user to be redirected to the grid over 30%.

Digital Start Work
The DSW Wizard (Project Start Work) logic was refactored to avoid making an excessive number of DB queries in order to check if the user has access to the digital documents, which in some projects were so many that it could cause the system to time out.


By refactoring the security layer, the approval flows and including caching, the load time of the Wizard decreased in over 90%.

Entity Framework
By configuring Entity Framework to perform pagination of the queries with a parameter, it allows the DB to generate a single execution plan for all the paginations, which wasn't possible using constant values. This decreases the time needed to perform paginated queries over 30%.