Deployment v55.0 10/06/2020



Move Hangfire Jobs to Redis
Hangfire is the system we use to run Recurring Jobs in the background. Normally, the definition and parameters of those tasks are stored on the Database until it's time to execute them, but that means part of the DB space, memory and CPU is dedicated to monitor these tasks. To decrease the load on the DB, we are moving those tasks to Redis, a separate storage system, and out of the DB, decreasing its load and allowing it to perform other operations.


New Features:
Edit User Roles
Clients will now have the ability to manage user roles for their projects. This functionality has been highly requested by several clients, and will be a time saver for support. Support will receive a demo in the coming weeks.




Digital Payroll:
To accommodate for crew members (specifically union members) taking time to be tested for COVD-19, we’ve added a "Covid Test Idle Day" Day Type to DTC.


Field names in the ‘Emergency Contact’ section of the ‘Personal Info’ page have been refined in order to clarify the error messages displayed.


An endpoint permission was added to the ‘Payroll Detail Report’ page to ensure that the access to that page is tied to the correct permission.


Reports are now able to be filtered by ‘Company Code’ in GSW.


Accounting features:
We’ve added the ability to split costs in ‘CP Envelope Details’, allowing for transaction amounts to be split in half.


PCard envelope drafts can now be created by employees.


We now link to invoices in the ‘Invoice’ column within ‘Bill Payment’ to allow access to individual invoices from this page.



‘Reimbursement Amount’ has been re-labeled to read "Advance Amount" in ‘Petty Cash’.

A Purchase Order form which has been included in a Closed Period, with a Balance (Over/Under amount) in a detail line will show the Action: "Reissue". When the user clicks on the "Reissue" action for a detail line, a new detail line will be created in the PO Form for the current period.



From Patches:
COVID 19 timesheet Items can now be used with Other Deductions and Fringes on Paymaster TC, DTC, and core Timesheets.