Deployment v53.0 08/27/2020


Cached views

Every time a user navigates to a page, there is a request to the server for the new page's HTML to render the page, but this HTML is static, it never changes, so after the first time there's no need to request it again. With View Caching, we store that HTML in the browser and reuse it instead of requesting the server again every time, saving the site a trip to the server, reducing the network traffic and making the page load faster.

New Features:

Company Codes

To accommodate a request from Paramount and other major studios, Company Codes have been added to the ‘Bank Info’ and ‘Purchase Orders’ pages, as well as all Transactions.


Employment History 

An ‘Employment History’ panel was added to the ‘Company Employee’ page to show a history of hire and rehire dates within the same company. This is ideal for clients such as Left/Right and Magilla who often hire and rehire the same employees. Please reach out to Gabriel Ramirez for a demo if this feature can be of use to you or your team.

Invite & Get Users API

This enhancement allows GreenSlate to share user data from clients to any potential partner. First step in providing an integrated experience between GreenSlate and other applications. This provides the ability to integrate and sync users with any potential partner (for example, CrooGloo or SetKeeper) in the future.

Canadian Payroll:

Canadian Provinces & Territories have been added when choosing the State or Province from the ‘Manage Greenslate Info > Details’ tab.


Accounting features:

Color coding has been added to all transaction grids.



A ‘Clone’ action was added to the ‘Purchase Orders’ page, allowing for the cloning of Purchase Orders.


An ‘Extension’ field was added to phone numbers collected on the ‘Vendors’ page.


The ‘Pay Names’ hyperlink on the ‘Vendors’ page now opens the corresponding ‘AP History’ page.

To display any attachments added to Purchase Orders, an ‘Attachments’ column was added to the ‘Purchase Orders’ page.