Deployment v52.0 08/3/2020



  • Transactions Grids Optimizations

We approached the optimization of transaction grids from two different fronts, reducing both the time it takes the system to fetch information from the database and the time it takes the browser to present that information to the user. This optimization applies to all accounting transactions within GSW.

  • User Interface

One of the heaviest operations in the user interface was to obtain and present all the possible Account Code Columns (Set, Location, Episode, etc.) and render them in a dropdown list in the filter row of the grid. By changing this filter to a text box, we managed to reduce the render time by 30%.



  • Database
    The transaction grids have a big number of columns. Some of those columns are calculated, meaning their value depends on some condition or in another entity outside of a transaction, like Purchase Order, for example.

To calculate these columns every time the grid is loaded is a heavy operation, so instead of doing that, those values are now precalculated and the grid only has to fetch them as they are, no need for extra time calculating them, and then we have in place a set of events in which we need to recalculate those values. This means that instead of calculating them every time the data is read, we only calculate them when there is a change in the system that could affect the column's value. By doing this, we managed to reduce the DB time by up to 50%.


Digital Payroll:


Effective Dates for Post Payroll

In order to make our GSW pages match GSA functionality, we've added a date picker to assign an specific effective date to each of the posted PR transactions. This date can be selected and changed on before payroll is posted.


I-9 Preparer / Translator

To ensure all sections of the I-9 form are editable via DSW, a 'Preparer and/or Translator' panel was added to the I-9 page. Employees using a preparer or translator are now instructed to submit paper start work containing the confirmation and signature of their preparer or translator. 



Timesheet Validation Logic

We’ve added logic to ensure that timesheets cannot be created for dates prior to a project’s initial hire date in core. 



‘My Payment Settings’ Enhancements

Two enhancements were made to the ‘My Payment Settings’ page:


We now automatically open the Plaid modal when an account is linked, providing greater ease of use for our users.

We also now automatically select newly added accounts for Direct Deposit, which creates a more intuitive experience when enrolling in Direct Deposit with GreenSlate.



The Payroll Detail Report was rearranged to show company, EOR, and project names before the names of employees

Accounting features:

The ability to 'Favorite' a row was added to Accounting Reports. Now accountants can mark reports as favorited for future use, and see all of these reports in a custom grid view.