Deployment v51.0 07/20/2020



Lazy Loading Panels

To decrease the rendering time of the pages and improve overall user experience, the Lazy Load technique that was applied to the Timecards page (release 48.0) is now applied to all panels within the application. This means the pages will render sooner, and will render additional panels after the initial page load so the user doesn't have to wait behind a spinner until all panels on a page are rendered.



In conjunction with the Lazy Load change, a skeleton placeholder is now shown inside panels as they load. This gives the user an idea of what to expect inside the panel and lets them know that a component is still loading. This also helps to avoid excess shifting on the page once panel components load and move into place.


Asynchronous Update Notifications

When approving an entity on the system, instead of waiting for all involved users to be notified of the action, which could take a few seconds depending on the approval flow, we process those notifications on the background, redirecting the user to the grid and returning control to them sooner. To inform them of these background jobs, a new message is displayed over the grid to let them know the approval is still processing.
Generate Payroll Files Optimizations

The queries to generate the reports in the Generate Payroll Files page were optimized to handle the amount of memory they need to run better, freeing hardware resources.


Transaction and Approval Flows Repositories

In order to decrease the number of database queries needed to open a transaction, the logic used was refactored to cache as much data as possible, reducing the number of queries needed to the minimum and decreasing the load time of each transaction up to 30%.

New Features:


Company Employees

A new page has been created to track the employee information of across projects so that they can be reviewed at the company level.


Direct Deposit / Payment Methods
We’re making the experience of getting paid through GreenSlate even easier by allowing employees to enroll in Direct Deposit for all projects with the press of a button, and giving them the ability to view and change their payment options (check, direct deposit to one or multiple accounts, or a combination of check & direct deposit) at any time.

Global Warnings


Global warnings allow for simple issues and potential problems to be shown to the user upon submitting a timecard. This feature is first being used for timecards as a warning for duplicate timecards and guaranteed hours, but was developed for use in other features in other scenarios.

Infinite Scroll


We are updating certain grids to have infinite scrolling. This will replace the pager functionality.
The grid will load the initial 20 rows, and load the next 20 as the user scrolls down. Any rows that are loaded will remain loaded and the user should be able to scroll back up without any load time.


Residual TCs


The ability to upload a document with Timecard information to create them automatically has been added. (Only for Residual Timecards for now)


Digital Payroll:
Netflix Request - Document expiration date columns were added to the 'Employee Positions' grid to show any employees with expired I-9 documents.


A ‘Company’ column was added to the ’All Batches’ page to indicate the company within which a batch was created.



A ‘Travel Allowance’ day type was added and is available for all contract types except non-union.


To eliminate rounding errors, totals for timecard days are now calculated manually when using HTG instead of using HTG Totals.

Values inside the ‘Totals’ grid now show totals to 4 decimal places. This hits parity with the rest of our application.






P&W Report - EOR dropdown items are now sorted alphabetically


Several small updates were made to the Payroll Detail Report, including
an extra option on the "Additional Field Option"


On the Fringes page, a new free field called "Access Reporting Sort" was added.


A new value was added to the Fringe Type and Fringe Type Combined dropdowns. *(Code: 837 / Name: 401k ROTH)


BPM Request - The employee work state was added to the BPM ACA Employee File that is run weekly & sent to the client


Picrow request - The Picrow report is now filtered by payroll project


The Reports Monitor Page has had the ‘Add New Hire’, ‘System New Hire’ and ‘SSN Verification’ Reports added


Accounting Reports no longer need a start date to be input to be run


Accounting features:


Paramount Request- POs can now be Voided rather than deleted, and can be viewed via a custom grid view.


Tax Entity field- We will show an Entity field when selecting the "Foreign" or "Other" radio button in the ‘Tax Information’ panel on the ‘Vendors’ page. A project setting has also been to mark this field as required.


An ‘Attachments’ column was added to the ‘Purchase Orders’, showing any attachments added to each purchase order.



The ability to close POs has been added. Only committed open or partial POs can be closed.


The ‘Auto Generate’ checkbox is now selected by default on the Journal Entries page


Other changes:


The ‘Create’ button dropdown list in the header has been updated, icons were removed and several copy changes were done for consistency with the rest of our application.



Canada Payroll fixes and updates