Deployment v50.0 07/03/2020

New Features:

  • Cross Project Accounting 

The Cross Project Accounting feature allows for the viewing of transactions from different projects in one single grid view. For Phase 1, we are deploying this feature to be included in these transaction types: General Ledger, Purchase Orders, and the Chart Of Accounts.



  • Global Warnings

Based on a request from Netflix, we’ve added a warning that appears when a user has multiple timecards from the same week on both the ‘Timecards’ grid and on the timecard itself. This is the first of several warnings we’re adding to the system to help users understand the status of the documents they submit and approve. 

Credit Memos

This feature allows for the reduction of the price of an item or service purchased by a customer or to eliminate the entire cost of an Invoice. Credit Memos can be applied to a customer’s balance (total of due invoices). 

Receive Payments

This feature allows for the recording of payments received from customers. Credit Memos can also be used to cancel due balance from Invoices.

Digital Payroll:

  • In compliance with a federal initiative related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve added the ability to allow submission of List B IDs that have expired during the crisis and currently cannot be renewed.
  • Netflix request - We’ve expanded the ‘Personal Info' page to non-DSW employees to allow for address verification and setting tax document preferences for all employees.


  • To include a currency conversion change made in GSA reports, a new parameter was added in GSW Accounting Reports for multi-currency projects.

Accounting Features:

  • To allow for a different approval flow when a specified number of checks are issued, users can now set a conditional approval flow when a specified amount of automatic checks in Check Runs (Bill Payments) exist.


  • Two new reports have been added, the ‘Open PO Report’ and the ‘Period Check Register’, which are automatically generated now whenever a period is closed.


  • To clarify the permissions we grant our users, a permission was added to add Vendors at the company level.


  • A new action called ‘AP History’  was added to the ‘Vendors’ grid. When selected, the General Ledger is filtered for the selected row's vendor or customer shows in a modal. This action does not show if no vendor is present.


  • Paramount request - A checkbox was added to the ‘Accounting Features’ panel which makes the File Uploader in the Tax Information panel a required field.


  • A Posted Transactions Report is now generated whenever one or more transactions are posted on the General Ledger.


  • The ‘Purchase Orders’ grid now contains a disclosure that shows all transactions associated with the Purchase Order. Additionally, a section has been added to the Purchase Order PDF to show all associated transactions.


  • To automate a manual process, we now check whether the current step is the last step of the approval flow when approving a Customer. If so, we automatically commit the entity.


  • Paramount request- Instead of automatically inserting a default custodian, we now leave this field blank and require entry by the accountant.