Deployment v49.0 06/16/2020

Digital Payroll:
  • Netflix request - To allow for easy access to I-9 information, columns showing expiration dates for I-9 documents were added to the 'Employees' grid.

  • Custom forms can now display grouped radio buttons, allowing for expanded usage of the feature.

  • Paramount request - To show employees’ federal filing statuses from their W-4 forms, a ‘Filing Status' was added to ‘Employee Positions’ grid.

  • We now have the ability to generate Accounting Reports with local currencies converted to dollars by implementing a ‘Convert To’ filter. Currency Rates are set up in GSA (Company>Currency Rates).

  • Paramount request - A new History report has been created to replace the report the client previously received from Cast & Crew.

  • Downloadable files formatted for Excel can now be viewed on the Reports Monitor page. This is a file format that has been requested by clients, and we are gradually converting select reports to generate in this format.
Accounting features:
  • ‘Check Runs’ has been renamed to ‘Bill Payments’ to reflect terminology used by our international clients.

  • To meet our application’s visual standards, the ‘Change History’ button has been repositioned on the Purchase Orders page.

  • To allow users to view files attached to their transactions, an ‘Attachments’ column was added to the Global Transactions page.

  • We now remove the accounting batch when the post payroll process is carried out, resulting in it no longer generating more records in GL Batches.
UI and usability:
  • Accent colors were added to rows in the General Ledger grid to display voided and unposted transactions.
From Patches:
  • We now generate payroll invoice dates in a more accurate way - dates are based off of the Payrun date, if one exists. We’ve also updated the Netflix API to reflect this change to ensure Netflix and any other clients who’ve integrated with our system are receiving the most accurate data.