Deployment v48.0 06/01/2020

  • Lazy Loading Divs - To improve the time it takes to present content on screen to the user, some of Timecard's sections are now “lazy loaded”, which means the main content is loaded first and after that is done, the rest of the page is rendered. This makes the initial load of the Timecard page up to 25% faster.
Digital Payroll:
  • The instructions page has been removed from the W-4 PDF in Digital Start Work, leaving only the fillable page.



  • We now default the ‘Verify Rate with HTG’ checkbox in core Employee Details to be selected, so that paymasters don't have to remember to check to use HTG for scale rate.



  • Roth items (Roth 401k, 839 Roth) now display on year end W-2s
Timecards/Paymaster Timecards:
  • We now use today's date for effective date comparison when getting a scale rate from HTG
  • For Multi Currency reports, a “Convert To” filter has been added for Accounting Reports



  • An Accrual Account Code has been added to Payroll Preview and Check Detail


  • To allow syncing with P&W Access DB, fields were added to the Fringe/Deduction Information page


  • Labeling was changed on the Modify Payroll Invoice Report to reflect reporting conventions


  • A column to access Excel file downloads was added to Reports Monitor


  • “Processed Payroll Report” has been renamed “Payroll Detail Report”, and some functions have been enhanced to make it more functional. The following changes were made: 
    • “Payroll Fee” and “Workers Comp” checkboxes were combined into one checkbox titled "Payroll Fee / Workers Comp"
    • Added fringe Items Sorting
    • Show ER Taxes before EE Taxes on the report
    • Re-label Tax Credit to "Tax Credit Code"
    • Added timesheet Items Sorting

Users and roles:
  • A system permission was added that allows only certain users to create, save changes, and edit for Employers of Records, Production Companies, and Projects.

Accounting features:
  • We’ve added the ability to hide addresses based on a project setting in Vendors.


  • The Zip Code field can now use the full 11 characters (XXXXX-XXXX) in Vendors



  • A ‘Done’ button was added to the Change History Modal


  • ‘Checks’ and ‘Payments’ columns were added to the Check Runs page


  • The ability to create check transaction approval flows was removed due to it being non-functional


  • An automatic field update was added for Transactions with Closed Periods