Deployment v47.0 05/20/2020


Grid pages for accounting transactions (Bills Check Requests, General Ledger, etc.), will now apply calculations and fetching of extra columns after the pagination is complete, reducing the time it takes to load these grids.

New features:

Advanced Grid Filters
We’ve begun adding advanced filtering to grids across the application. Users can now search for ranges in columns.

Post Payroll

We have migrated the Import Payroll feature from GSA, and name it Post Payroll. The option will be added to batches with the status Completed and not yet posted.

Digital Payroll:

USCIS Number
We’ve added an input to collect Alien Registration Number when 'A lawful permanent resident' is selected in ‘Personal Info > Citizenship’. This information is populated onto the I-9 PDF.

Invoice Numbers Added to Batches

We now add invoice numbers when payroll batches are created

State Unemployment Insurance Values Added to Custom Forms

EOR level values for state-specific unemployment insurance can now be populated on custom forms.

 Custom Form Preview

We now show the form preview only when the form passes validation, and block the form preview when there are validation errors.

First Step of Grossing changed to ‘Review’

In Digital Timecards. The first step of grossing now shows as 'Review', rather than ‘Draft’

Current Project Name Removed from Export File

The name of the current project (the project the user is currently logged into ) has been removed from the positions grid export file


Management Reports Now Run Daily

Management reports now run automatically with the specified parameters,  via a daily task (Check File, Voucher File, Client Invoice, Client Credit Memo, ADP Invoice, Voids)


Company Name added to file name on Management Reports

Management Report Cleanup

Unnecessary data was removed from the Daily Management Reports (White spaces, unnecessary symbols)

 Quarterly File Cleanup

Quarterly Files Dummy SSNs have been changed to all zeroes

Netflix Reports Enhancement

Update File Error Information was added to Netflix reports - Added the ability to see what projects the error was referencing when receiving an error via email.

Accounting features:

Chart of Accounts Mapper Budget Column
We’ve added a Budget column, to show the amounts for each detail row, which will provide users with more info when mapping project Chart of Accounts, with a ‘suppress zeros’ functionality to hide detail rows with no amounts.

Balance Column Added to General Ledger

A ‘Balance’ column was added to the General Ledger, to show differences on each line
Dependent Care Assistance Plan Flag and W2 Reporting

Netflix Accountant Reports

When a project is enabled for Netflix reports, we will send an email to a Netflix Accountant specified within the project.



We’ve added the PA PSD Code as a required field for PA residents in Core employee setup

UI and usability:

Disabled resizing on ‘Select’ column

We now prevent resizing on the ‘Select’ column in the grid within the Timecards page

Other changes:

Password Reset Email Update

Password Reset email now comes from ‘’

Invite Email Link Update

Invite email now displays link to environment from which email was sent (app.gslate, Master, Demo, etc.)