Deployment v83.0 09/09/2022

New Features

Global API.

This is the first phase of a multi-phase project that will create API endpoints that mimic our existing web grids allowing for the real time transmission and/or receipt of information between GS and a client's accounting software.


Vendor Refactor.

This will remove the feature flag and old version of the Vendors feature. Now, the refactored version will be the default for all users.

Improved the Bill Payment form.

Added a row counter and pagination to the Bill Payment form.

Improved the Bill Payment generation for 1099 payments.

Included an alert in Bill Payments when a 1099 amount is being paid partially.

Improved the File Name field inside Accounting Reports.

Fixed a bug that was removing the Project's name from the File Name and was preventing the name being updated after changing the Category and Type.

Added a new report into Accounting Reports.

The new 'GL Bible - Basic Format with PO's Merge' report lists all the Purchase Orders within the GL.

Improved performance issues in the Vendor form.

There were 2 duplicate calls when creating a Vendor. Now only one is used.

Fixed an error in the Mailing Address panel inside the Vendor form.

There was an error causing the Country and State not being saved in the Mailing Address when the Business Address was not collected.

Improved the Tax Information panel when the Tax Entity is set as 'Other'.

Previously when the Tax Entity was 'Other' the only available field was the Entity ID. Now the SSN/SIN and the Tax ID fields are available too in the Vendor form.

Fixed error in Vendors with CASHétPay enabled.

There was a bug stopping users from saving Vendors with CASHétPay enabled in projects where the Business Address is not collected.

Fixed error causing a Currency mismatch in the Bank Accounts.

There was a bug allowing a Currency mismatch when a Bank Account was created from the Chart of Accounts.

Improved the Checks' Actions for unapproved Checks.

The 'View PDF' option has been hidden for unapproved Checks because it was causing an XML error.

Enabled a Chart of Account Mapper permission to the clients.

The ExternalChartOfAccountsMapping.Unlock permission can be added to external users, previously only internal users were allowed to have this permission.

Fixed bug causing an Amount mismatch in Journal Entries.

Previously when the user attached a Purchase Order to a Journal Entry form the Total amount was being added instead of the Open Balance. Now the Open Balance is added correctly.

Removed the Chrome alert when clicking the 'Return' button in Purchase Orders.

A modal showed up saying 'Your changes to this form will be lost!' after clicking on the 'Return' button in Purchase Orders

Fixed a bug in the Transaction's Vendor dropdown.

Previously after selecting a Vendor and then removing the Vendor the information was not cleared, now the information will get cleared after removing a Vendor.

Improved the Check PDF for voided Checks.

Previously the Checks had a 'Non-Negotiable Copy' watermark on them, now if the Check was voided it will have a 'VOID' watermark.

Removed the grouping rectangle from Cost Report 1.0.

The grouping rectangle is only available in Cost Report 2.0.

Fixed bug caused when using the Paste functionality inside forms.

There was a bug preventing the last row from copying over when using a Mac or Google Sheets. Now all the rows will paste correctly.

Enhanced the Purchase Order PDF.

The Terms & Conditions can be automatically attached to the Purchase Order PDF. The T&C will be attached in projects with the Company Codes feature flag when 'Auto Email PO PDF' is enabled in Project Setting or when 'Email PDF' is selected from the PO grid. They will not be attached when downloading or viewing the PDF.

Fixed bug in the 1099/T4A Code dropdowns.

The drop down was showing duplicate 1099 Codes. Now only one code will show.

Fixed the Amount column Total in the General Ledger.

There was a bug preventing the Total from the Amount column to be correct.

Added a new 'W9 on File' column to the Vendors grid.

This column can be found in the new Custom Grid View named 'W9 on File'. If the 'W9 on File' is checked inside the Vendor form this new column will reflect it.

Client Solutions

Added 'Risk Rating Column' to 'Roles' grid.

This new column will show the 'Risk Rating' for each role. This 'Risk Rating' will be equal to the rating of the highest-rated permission on the role.

Added 'Vendor Tax ID' column to Amazon's General Ledger reports.

This new column will fully display the Tax ID number for each entry. If the ID is a SSN or SIN, everything except the last 4 digits will be masked.

Fixed error displaying deleted users in Project Approval Flow setup.

There was a bug that was preventing deleted users from being filtered out of the Project Approval Flows user list.

Fixed error in Diversity Reports where not all relevant employees were displayed.

A new column, "Is Terminated" has been added to the Custom Grid View for Project Employees, resolving the issue of an incomplete employee list.

Automated the transmission of Paramount Budget reports when there is a change to any EFC.

A new, updated report will be available whenever an EFC is changed.

Fixed an issue with the 'Assignable Roles' dropdown.

The dropdown was showing an incomplete list of roles. It has now been fixed.

Added 'Needs Splitting' Custom Grid View column to projects with 'Multi Project Timecards' enabled.

Previously this feature had been only visible to projects that did not have 'Multi Project Timecards' enabled.

Updated Studio Download importing.

When an automated detail clearing line is created from a Studio Download import, it will show the default location code in the Journal Entry, in projects where locations are required.

Added the ability to reject a Timecard from Grossing to Hours.

Digital Timecards can now be rejected back to an Hours Approval Flow step, making it possible for Payroll Accountants to request changes from an employee or Hours Approver.


Fixed a bug affecting Paper Employees

Paper Employees are now correctly added to projects, preventing multiple issues from happening.

Added a Project Setting to control the Final Timecard PDF Feature

This project setting allows users to control if the Final Timecard PDF (which reflects changes made on a Paymaster Timesheet) is available on the Timecards and Batches grids.

Performance & Stability

Removed Feature Flags for '1099 Refactor' and 'Approval Flows Multi-Select'

We have removed these feature flags, which means that the new new version of these features is now the default, and that they can't be turned off.