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Netflix Integration

General Conventions

When planning on utilizing GreenSlate's Netflix integration, proper setup and planning will make for a smooth integration process. 

Review the following Conventions before the start of any Netflix project:

  1. Tax Incentive coding must be entered in our Tax Credit field.
  2. Insurance claim coding must be entered in the Free Field 2 field.
  3. Assets must be coded with an "A" Free Field in Free Field 3.
  4. Free Field 1 can be used for other miscellaneous coding.
  5. The first detail line description in Journal Entries will be exported as the Journal Entry reference.
  6. The project must be using the Netflix Chart of Accounts or have the Netflix Chart of Accounts mapped to the project's custom accounts.

There will be a GL Data Integration export each day at 12:00pm midnight PSTIt will include any new or modified transactions. NOTE: This is only the bible and PR information. The Cost Report must be manually published by the Key Accountant in the Netflix Cost Report Publisher.