How to: Set Up Bank Account for CASHét Pay

Step 1: Click BANK ACCOUNTS on the left navigation.

2021-05-17 13_00_32-Bank Accounts

Step 2: Click EDIT from the Actions drop down menu next to the account you would like to set up or click ADD ACCOUNT if the account does not exist yet.

2021-05-17 13_00_04-Bank Accounts

Step 3: Enter zeros in the account number and routing number then select CashetPay from the Bank drop down menu in the Bank Info section.

2021-05-17 13_01_27-Bank Info

Step 4: Select ACH from the Payment File drop down menu in the Payment File Configuration section.

2021-05-17 13_06_18-Bank Info

Step 5: Enter the Company Name in the Payer Company Information section.

2021-05-17 13_03_13-Bank Info

Step 6: Click SAVE.

2021-05-17 13_03_40-